The Mind Control Of A Special Forces Soldier.

The Strategic Vision Of A Corporate CEO.

Israel’s Special Forces are known for their astoundingly daring, courageous and out-of-the-box operations. For six years Dr. Gill Heart served in what is recognized to be the IDF’s most elite and stressful unit, carrying out top secret missions deep behind enemy lines.

While we are not at liberty to identify the exact unit details here are examples of some of the operations that the media claimed to be carried out by this particular unit.

  • 1969 – assaults on high voltage wires and a control antenna in Egypt

  • 1972 – Kidnapping 5 Syrian intelligence officers, Syria
  • 1973 – Killing Black September terrorist leaders in Beirut, Lebanon

  • 1976 – Foiling Air France flight hijacking, Entebbe, Uganda,
  • 1988 – kidnapping of Sheik Obeid, Lebanon
  • 1994 – kidnapping of Mustafa Dirani, Lebanon
  • 2007 – collecting soil samples prior to bombing the Syrian nuclear reactor

Dr. Gill Heart, PHDThe training in this unit is like none other. It entails preparation for the complex, high-risk, deep reconnaissance operations, soldiers in this unit will be expected to carry out. The unique, rigorous mental, emotional and physical training that is experienced is one of a kind and needs to be in order to manage the stress that will be encountered. These soldiers are educated and trained to maximize their performance at all times, to seek excellence, determination and results. They are imprinted with leadership qualities that are rare and are trained to think in unconventional lateral ways. Self-control, composure and calmness under extreme life-threatening stress is the only hope of survival!

Born and raised in Israel, Dr. Gill Heart served for over 7 years in this, most elite, Special Forces unit in the IDF.  During his service as an officer (Captain, Res), he trained and commanded soldiers from his unit.

Following his service, Dr. Heart sought higher education. In the spirit of his Special Forces training and pursuit of excellence, he received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Imperial College, London University.  He then moved to the US and became an entrepreneur sought after by leading venture investment firms and corporations in the biomedical arena. Over the past 11 years, Dr. Heart founded and successfully managed venture-backed, medical device startups, becoming nationally recognized by industry peers.

Born out of constant request from friends and colleagues, MINDMATRIX™ now offers a riveting workshop and executive training seminar to corporations and businesses. MINDMATRIX™ combines all of what Dr. Gill Heart is and at its core will teach your teams to:

  • Achieve control over emotional responses to triggers such as stress or change, by utilizing Special Forces methods and training techniques,
  • Replace staid narrative that is affecting both our business and personal decisions. This is achieved by incorporating exclusive covert special forces training that allows one to reprogram, train and imprint new and more efficient thought processes that dramatically impact the decisions we make.
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