It’s a mind that special agencies and covert operations spent millions of dollars training. It’s a strategic business vision that global biomedical and engineering corporations spent years consulting. It’s the heart of an immigrant that sought the shores and entrepreneurial energy of America. It’s Dr.Gill Heart. The mind control of a Special Forces soldier: The strategic vision of a corporate CEO. Welcome to MindMatrix™.

“…this workshop is definitely NOT a mind blowing experience…

why destroy the only thing you really have control over!”

– Gill Heart, PhD

Impacting executive teams and their staff, MINDMATRIX™ is a full-day training workshop followed by individual, one-on-one training sessions that will strategically uncover the stress management and stress relief secrets, used by deeply imbedded covert Special Forces operatives. MINDMATRIX™ is an invigorating, enthralling and exciting training workshop delivered with excellence that offers top shelf content that can only be delivered by an elite few the world over. Your teams now have this exclusive opportunity with Dr. Gill Heart where they will receive an extraordinary synthesis of a highly trained special force operative and an international corporate executive.

The global economy we now live in is perhaps one of the most stressful and economically threatening environments our generation will know. Simply put, your organizations economic survival will depend on the abilities your teams do or do not have to make prudent, beneficial and profitable decisions while under tremendous business stress. MINDMARTIX™ will equip them to do so like nothing else can!

Let MINDMATRIX™ teach your teams to literally: Mind Their Own Business™ !

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