‘Many approaches to business strategy are too vague to be useful. They can be time-consuming to learn and challenging to apply. MindMatrix™ provides a fresh and practical approach to implementing strategy. MindMatrix™ techniques work because we often already know what we have to do but allow ourselves to be distracted by real yet extraneous issues. Gill helps you rapidly identify to the steps you need to achieve your goals. He also provides you with simple but powerful mind tools for pinpointing your objectives with laser precision so that your efforts produce results.

I have worked with Gill and been impressed with his ability to help clients find clarity and mental focus in a short amount of time. I highly recommend his services.’

Chana Silberstein, PhD
Organizational Development Consultant

‘After being urged by a trusted colleague I met Gill six months ago and quickly became his client. I was impressed by Gill’s reputation for achieving quick results for his clients within a fairly short amount of time. My goal was to optimize my personal performance and reduce the impact of stress in my personal life and in my business career.The training provided by Gill in the area of controlling my thought processes in difficult situations enabled me to successfully address significant life challenges in a manner no other technique could deliver.

Further, Gill has a unique personality. He is a strategic thinker with an analytical mind. He radiates positive energy, and is a study in patience and good humor. He operates as you would expect a trained Special Forces officer to operate – that is to say he is efficient, determined and focused.

At the same time, Gill knows his clients and recognizes their abilities and limitations. I was constantly pushed beyond my comfort zone and as a result dramatically changed my operational mindset. The impact was stunning and the results were clear and obvious.

Being trained in MindMatrix™ techniques was an excellent and successful investment of time and money. I would recommend Gill to anybody who values the importance of self-improvement in general or who has a specific personal or business challenge to meet.’

Scott Italiaander, Principal,
Financial Advisory Firm

“I was running a large construction business in NJ and FL that was going south.  At the same time, I was hit by a major personal problem that required significant time, attention and money.  I realized that it was simply too much for me.

At that point, I approached Gill and asked to be trained in and learn to operate based on MindMatrix™.  Together as a team that operated behind my ‘enemy lines’, we analyzed and mapped my challenges, regained focus, prioritized the next steps and created an action plan.

Under Gill’s weekly guidance and based on my MindMatrix™ training, I executed the plan in a persistent, efficient and focused manner. Most of the time I managed to keep calm although the ‘stormy’ environment I was in at the time.  It really felt like operating behind enemy lines.

Shortly after we started training, results clearly indicated that things were changing for the better.  In record time and with very limited financial and personal penalties, I managed to resolve the personal problem.  In the same spirit, I continued and repositioned the construction business that has since started showing the first positive signs of bouncing back to cash-flow positive.

Gill has a very unique and efficient approach to crisis management and problem solving.  In addition, his contagious calm and positive approach made it fairly simple to change my view on the crisis I was going through.  As a result, the transformation from crisis mode to a growth mode was simple and easy to follow.

Gill’s MindMatrix™ training enabled me to focus on the ‘here and now’ yet, at the same time, maintain focus and be aware of the bigger picture and goals.  Further, and of critical importance, is having the ability to significantly reduce the impact of emotional response to triggers.  Finally, I found the mental tools I was taught and trained in to be useful beyond my business roles and applied them at the home front as well.

I am extremely satisfied with Gill’s services and would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

R. Lombardi, Manager
Large Construction Company

“I wanted to express my deepest appreciation for your workshop and beyond, people really enjoyed it and it was definitely one of the highlights of the retreat.”

Sholom Liberow, Director
European Jewish Study Network

“I have an employment law practice in the Washington, DC area. I decided that I could perform at even higher levels both in my professional and personal life if I could lose the weight that I never could. In less than two months on Gill’s program, I lost nearly 25 pounds, almost effortlessly. Gill has set me on a path for excellent eating for the rest of my life. I highly recommend Gill’s services for peak performers. I will always value Gill as a primary resource for my life.”

Morris E. Fischer, Esq. Silver Spring, MD

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